Monday, 15 November 2010

The Baron has been a sideshow performer since 1999. He started his show man career performing his first human pincushion show for the Kinky Club Helsinki.

Couple of months later The Baron and few other performers established a new Finnish show group called Sirkus Tapaturma(Circus Accident). Sirkus Tapaturma was a group of five young fetish performers who were deeply interested in sideshow and old fashion Circus. When Kinky club closed their doors in 2000 circus was all ready performing around the Finland. Sirkus Tapaturma was very versetile group performing anything from childrens party, caracter installations to hard core freak shows. The Baron was consentrated more into piercing weight lifting, pincushion, flesh hook pulling and suspension shows. By 2005 Sirkus was crown up to 15 performers from different kind of back grounds. Later same year Circus had a meeting where The Baron told that he was going to move to London. Same meeting brought out that most of the performers wanted to move away from the circus and start their smaller groups. So the circus faced it's grimreaper and The Baron Left the country.

Soon after Barons arrival to London he and Samppa Von Cyborg established a hardest freakshow on Earth. This show was called Psycho Cyborgs. Their main focus was into hard core stuns that were ment to shock their growds. They established stunts such as power drilling through flesh, power screwing wood srews into chest, hammering nains into skull and many more blood frosting stunts. They bacame known as the Cyborgs who don't feel the pain. The show was travelling around the Europe and some point in 2007 Samppa told The Baron that he wanted to make show to be even more hard core. Seriouslines and body harm was too much for The Baron and he left Cyborgs.

The Baron got his call back to the Circus fealds when Luci Fire and The Tusk asked him to join their world famous Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus to perform three shows in spiegeltent at Ireland. The Baron Took his advantage and pack'd his show case. Shows were successfull and he was part of their Circus as a Strong Clown with nerves and nipples of steel. The Baron is still performing with the Circus.

Soon in same summer he met Missy Macabre and they started to plan their duo act. With Missy's knowledge and experience from cabaret and burlesque performing and The Baron's freak/sideshow back ground they build up a truly interesting show, The Baron and Missy's Misadventures that is combination of all their performing skills. Sideshow, comedy, horror, romance, cabaret, burlesque...The Baron and Missy's Misadventures has been noticed in press and their fame in sideshow world has climed on high level in very short time. They have performed their show around the Europe in respected venues and events and are part of the infamous Torture Gardens main cast.